Private Coaching

I provide a huge number of free parenting resources and content on this website and in my Instagram highlights, but sometimes the most effective and inspiring guidance comes from real-life conversation and connection.

As a parent educator and coach, I am acutely aware of how unique every family’s value system, culture and lifestyle can be.

I support parents who are driven to establish a customized and evolving family culture rooted in consciousness and informed by the most up-to-date understanding of child development and pedagogy.

What You’ll Get

When you work with me we will focus our time and attention on the specific challenge you want to address and create a conscious and connected plan of action that is in alignment with your parenting paradigm.

What You Won’t Get

I am a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. I have experience with working with families and maintain high ethical standards butI am not a therapist or counsellor.

I am not able to diagnose, treat or offer any clinical recommendations for you or your children. If you’re suffering from depression, PPD or PPA, severe anxiety, extreme marital issues or your children have any abnormal behavioural or health issues please seek professional clinical help.

How Coaching Works

We will take an hour to discuss anything that you’re struggling with at the moment. Prior to the call you’ll fill out my questionnaire so you and I can both come prepared.

Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. I generally only work with 2-3 individuals each month. Once we start I will be there to whole-heartedly listen and oftentimes I am able to offer some suggestions that may reframe the challenge you’re having which in turn will give you a fresher perspective from which to approach it with.

We all want the same thing: to raise capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful children who will grow into emotionally healthy and authentic adults, connected to themselves and their purpose.

You can email me to learn more about working 1:1.

About Meagan

I am continually studying early childhood development with a particular focus on the importance of rhythm; a (mostly) unplugged childhood; infusing family values into rituals and traditions; modelling critical consciousness and a renewal of Waldorf traditions to create more inclusive, equitable diverse and accessible communities.

If you want to learn more about me and my education, certifications and experience you can find all the details here. You can email me to learn more about working 1:1.

Sometimes all it takes is for us to feel that we are heard in order to create a shift in energy and approach.

I’d be honoured to be the one to support you on your parenting journey.