Do you feel Christmas has become too focused on the presents, the food and your small family?

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WFR Christmas eGuide

Do you feel lost about what and how to celebrate authentically when you’re not entirely religious yourself?

Are you looking for ways to model to your children the real Christmas Spirit of Love, Generosity and Compassion within your family?

Sometimes the holidays feel so busy and rushed we feel like we don’t have time to stop, connect and count our blessings.

The Whole Family Christmas eGuide was created to inspire a meaningful and authentic Christmas Tradition in your home. This eGuide features over 70 pages surrounding the multiple Yuletide Festivals traditionally celebrated during the Christmas Season including St. Nicholas Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Three Kings Day, St Lucia Day and many more.

Sales Icons WhiteBG WorksheetsPencil

Journalling worksheets to identify, create and model your own Family Christmas Traditions

SalesPage Elements Easter Article

An article about celebrating the Festivals with Children

SalesPage Elements Easter VisionBoard

A Christmas Season Vision Board to inspire creativity, generosity, and play.

SalesPage Unplug Icon Recipes

Simple Christmas Recipes the whole family can make together

SalesPage Unplug Icon Bonuses

Advice on Simple Gift Giving

SalesPage Elements Easter Meditations

Weekly Caregiver’s Meditations to inspire you to live into the Christmas Spirit

SalesPage Elements Christmas Crafting

Multiple child-friendly magical Crafting Tutorials featuring designs by guest contributor Stacey Parish

SalesPage Elements Christmas Star

Detailed information about celebrating a Waldorf-Inspired Advent at home, including a Weekly Advent Story about Mary and Joseph’s Journey, a song and verse for each Advent Sunday and step-by-step tutorials to make an advent spiral for your table

SalesPage Elements Christmas Festivals Tree

Information about the multiple Yuletide Festivals traditionally celebrated during the Christmas Season, including St. Nicholas Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Three Kings Day

BONUS: Christmas Planning calendars for feasts & gift giving as well as book recommendations

Whole Family Rhythms Christmas Guide is now up in the Shop and ready to inspire the most magical Christmas traditions for your family.

This guide has encouraged our family to slow down and savor the season. We love having a resource filled with intentional and meaningful ways to prepare for Christmas each day. Today we made the gingerbread and it was a huge hit!


I just want to thank you for helping us find a rhythm in this Christmas season with your Whole Family Christmas guide! Two of my children are autistic and thrive on routine and structure and between all the therapy appointments, life doesn’t seem very gentle at the best of times. Thanks for helping us find a more gentle home path and I’m keen to explore your other guides more!


Whole Family Christmas has helped us bring back the true spirit of Christmas. The simple beauty of sitting together, making craft, giving thanks and lighting a candle in quiet thought. This is our second Guide and I adore them.

Whole Family Christmas is a refreshing reminder of how lovely a slow and simple holiday season can be, especially in the hectic and materialistic world we live in. We’ve enjoyed adding these rituals to our home.