Unplug Childhood Training


A 5-day email training to help you and your family detach from the screens distracting you from what means the most. At the end of the training you will feel confident that you can maintain more balance and a much healthier relationship with screens in your home.

Product Description

This is a digital course and challenge that runs for one week.

It includes:

  • 6 emails (daily Sunday – Friday) with inspiration, advice and suggestions to fuel your family’s screen detox including:
    • Journaling worksheets to help you prepare for the change
    • Recipes
    • Checklists
    • Activities to help replace screens

In this Training you’ll learn:

  1. To clearly identify why you use screens, what screen-time can be cut out and which screen-time you want to keep in your family rhythm (if any)
  2. How to inspire your children to play independently without you or a screen
  3. How to acknowledge your child’s feelings without giving into your screen boundaries
  4. What to use instead of a screen for those moments you all really do need some quiet time
  5. impose boundaries on your own screen use so that you are modelling for your children the same restraints that you are expecting from them



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