My Cycle Worksheet

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As our hormones fluctuate through the month, so do our energy levels and emotions. Although I have internalized and memorized the ups and downs of my cycle, my partner and older children were unaware of what stage I was in at any given time until we started using this system. We have three daughters that will also begin cycling before we know it. We laminate and put this calendar on the fridge, and I move my "moving piece" [see below] along each day of my cycle. It helps me to keep track of when I can push a little harder at the gym or choose some light stretching. I rotate my supplements and even my ratio of macronutrients depending on where I am in my cycle. It also gives my family members a sense of when I might need a little more support, personal space and time for relaxation.

I have created a few different options for you to personalise and play with. A "normal" cycle can have great variance so I tried to leave some space for that.

Download our customizable cycle worksheet today and bring balance to your energy, emotions, and overall well-being. Start embracing your body's rhythm and empower your family to support you better.

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