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Literacy Lessons in Waldorf Early Childhood

In 1989 Oxford Researchers conducted a study tracking the correlation between three-year-olds’ familiarity with nursery rhymes and early reading skills ...
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Simple Preparations for Diwali

I am passionate about renewing the festivals that are important to us so that we celebrate them in a way ...

Caregiver’s Balancing Head, Heart and Hands

In Waldorf Schools you will hear the expression “head, heart and hands” used to explain the faculties of thinking, feeling ...

A Window into Our World: Adding Elements of Ramadan to Your Seasonal Nature Table

The Season of Ramadan Muslims across the globe observe the blessed month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic ...

Mindful Potty Training

How we can approach potty training and use in a loving, non-shaming, and effective way that is based on a ...
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Modelling Sustainable Choices for our Young Children.

Creating sustainable practices with and around my children is something that is very important to me. But I often wonder, ...