Family Cleaning List Printables

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"Your yearly, monthly and weekly cleaning lists have helped me maintain my sanity and saved me time, energy and money. Our cleaning rituals feel less onerous and more joyful!"  - Jo 

Let's be honest, very few of us love cleaning! But with a strong system and routine in place cleaning, like everything else, becomes a part of the daily rhythm and less like a nagging chore to dread.

Your Cleaning Rhythm is:

  • unique to you and your family, lifestyle and working hours

  • helps you to manage and keep track of tasks. It also spreads them out throughout the week and months so that nothing builds up

  • helps the entire family to delegate and consistently execute cleaning tasks 

This free printable download includes: a weekly cleaning chart which includes an area for daily tasks, a monthly cleaning chart and an annual cleaning chart. Each printable is blank and can be printed and filled out by you. If desired, the charts can be laminated and taped to a public space for easy access and reference.

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