Crafts, Tutorials, Stories, Recipes, Celebrations and Reflections for the Summer Season.

Watercolour Painting in Summer

After putting aside a few very special watercolour paintings we turn the rest of our watercolour paintings into homemade cards. ...

Caregiver’s Meditations : Weekly Planning

Each Saturday I plan out the week ahead. I also have two monthly calendar – one hanging in my office ...
Candle on windowsill for early morning meditation

Caregiver’s Meditations : Early Mornings

A morning ritual and disciplined practice~ waking up in the wee hours when there is nothing but stillness and the ...

Rhythm : Daily Chores for Children

The Classical Sanskrit noun dharma is a derivation from the root dhṛ, which has a meaning of “to hold, maintain, ...
Child riding a horse

Family Values : Dreaming

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Butterfly on a flower

Nature Painting with Plants

We took plants and flowers from a little hike, put them into colour groupings and mashed them one by one ...