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Holistic Parenting

Resources, articles and reflections on holistic, positive parenting.


Caregiver’s Balancing Head, Heart and Hands

In Waldorf Schools you will hear the expression “head, heart and hands” used to explain the faculties of thinking, feeling ...

Mindful Potty Training

How we can approach potty training and use in a loving, non-shaming, and effective way that is based on a ...
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Modelling Sustainable Choices for our Young Children.

Creating sustainable practices with and around my children is something that is very important to me. But I often wonder, ...

What it means to be “Worthy of Imitation”

At Waldorf Schools there is often a lot of talk about early childhood teachers needing to be "worthy of imitation". ...

Making Exceptions to the Rule

Parents today are constantly being bombarded with articles and lectures about sleep, food, education, child psychology and development. Our children's ...

A Playlist for the Whole Family

A little while ago I published a cheeky Journal entry entitled, "Five Ways We Don't Do Waldorf". In it I ...

20 Ways You’re Already a Waldorf-Inspired Family

Are you inspired by the Waldorf Movement but not sure where to start and how to integrate these concepts into ...

Inner Work for Parents. What is it and Why it’s Important.

In Waldorf Education there is a lot of talk about the importance of "inner work" when working with young children. ...

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