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Crafts, Tutorials, Stories, Recipes, Celebrations and Reflections for the Autumn Season.

In the Garden : Autumn

(in case you're curious she is grinding egg shells in the mortar and pestle to add into the chicken feed ...

Rainbow Beeswax Crayon Colouring

Simple afternoon quiet activity. Trace the bottom of a cup many times on a piece of paper with overlapping lines. ...

Caregiver’s Meditations : Weekly Planning

Each Saturday I plan out the week ahead. I also have two monthly calendar – one hanging in my office ...
Candle on windowsill for early morning meditation

Caregiver’s Meditations : Early Mornings

A morning ritual and disciplined practice~ waking up in the wee hours when there is nothing but stillness and the ...

Rhythm : Daily Chores for Children

The Classical Sanskrit noun dharma is a derivation from the root dhṛ, which has a meaning of “to hold, maintain, ...

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