Hey! I'm Meagan.

After years of crafting and creating a home life rooted in warmth, beauty, love and rhythm, I came to a huge realization:

We cannot lead with courage, wisdom and spirit if we are not consistently making room for our own self-care and inner work.

The systems, routines, rhythms and rituals that I am so deeply drawn to are just as supportive to me as they are to my children. And I know it's the same for you.

Structuring our days so that there is a harmonious flow between in-breaths and out-breaths nurtures and uplifts everyone.



For over a decade, I've helped parents bring more peace, calm and connection into their homes. It starts with the routines, rhythms and rituals that nourish you so that you have the stamina and perseverance it takes to meet the needs of your beautiful and unique family. 

Fifteen years ago I found myself immersed in the world of natural parenting when my eldest child and I attended a local Waldorf parent-and-child group. So much of what I learned there, and in my subsequent Waldorf Early Childhood teacher training resonated deeply with our family values. I saw a clear picture of the home I wanted to create for our family.

And yet, I found very little practical guidance on how to balance and fairly delegate household chores, how to parent different ages and stages, manage busy schedules and keep up with laundry, meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Within six years I had four children and came to the realisation that if I was going to find any aota of a sense of balance, we needed strong family routines, rhythms and rituals. As we came closer and closer to a sense of ease and flow it became clear that our systems nurtured me as well as my family. They were a form of self-care and self-regulation. The more thought-out and conscious I am about how we spend our time, the more intentional I can be about making space for my own.

Like all families, we have experienced moments of grief and change, stress and busyness, but it is the rhythms, routines and rituals we have created and implemented that hold and carry us through every season.

 Vision and Values

I believe strongly that our unique family values should and can inform our daily routines, rhythms and rituals, and that living authentically aligned with these values models them for our children.

I value, respect and aim to enhance both our diversity as a community and our common threads through active listening, empathy, understanding and compassion.



I strive to hold a space that is inclusive so that everyone who identifies as a 'parent', regardless of racial identification, ancestry, nationality, native language, socioeconomic background, family structure, age, belief system, gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, appearance, occupation, and political affiliation feels that they are a valued and essential part of this collective.

I am always open to contributors who share this vision and these values. Hit the contact button below if you're intersted in learning more.

More about Meagan


Education, Certifications and Professional Development

  • McGill University, Montreal: BA in International Development Studies, Philosophy and World Religions, 2004.
  • Education Canada, Montreal: TESOL Certificate, 2003.
  • American Musical and Dramatic Academy, New York City: Certificate in Performing Arts, 2006.
  • Samadhi Yoga and Simply Kids Yoga, Sydney: Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Specialty in Kids Yoga, 2007.
  • Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, Sydney: Certificate in Foundations of Rudolf Steiner Education, 2012.
  • The Center for Social Sustainability, Ashfield: Certificate as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, 2017.
  • Lifeways, Toronto: Workshop- Celebrating Festivals in the Cycle of the Year, 2017.
  • The Center for Social Sustainability, Ashfield: Simplicity Parenting for Care Professionals, 2018.
  • Rudolf Steiner Center, Toronto: Foundations in Anthroposophy, 2018.
  • Rudolf Steiner Center, Toronto: Certification in Waldorf Early Childhood Education, 2020.
  • Rooted: Framework and Education for Creating an Antiracist Home, virtual course led by Laleña Garcia.
  • Honours Marks in Psychology1010, York University, Toronto: 2021.


Teaching, Coaching and Waldorf Experience 

  • ESL Teacher, Ehwa Language School, South Korea: 2006.
  • ESL Teacher, Milton College, Sydney: 2006-2008
  • Founder, Author & Educator, Whole Family Rhythms, 2012- 2020
  • Parent Coach & Educator, Whole Family Rhythms/Meagan Rose Wilson, 2017- present
  • Farmsong Parent-and-Child Leader, Bolton: 2019-2020
  • Parent Workshop Facilitator for various Canadian Waldorf Schools on topic "Return to Rhythm", 2019-present.
  • Toronto Waldorf School IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Committee Member, 2019-2020
  • WECAN Conference Workshop Presenter on the topic of Critical Consciousness in Waldorf Early Childhood Classrooms
  • WECAN Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Committee member, 2020-present
  • Forest Courtyard Initiative, Parent-and-Child Leader, Tottenham: 2022-present