My mission is to help you create clarity, balance, and rhythm within your days so that you feel centered and empowered to nourish and support your children.

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Introducing the Whole Family Rhythms
Seasonal Guides

Each holistic parenting Guide contains a seasonally inspired early childhood curriculum (or rhythm) complete with ingredients and supplies master lists; early childhood stories and fingerplays and detailed directions for daily themes such as whole foods baking & cooking, watercolour painting, beeswax & salt dough modelling, drawing, crafting and hiking.

Peace begins in the home

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Return to Rhythm

This eGuide will guide you through creating a strong family rhythm in the areas of mealtimes, sleeptimes and playtimes.

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Whole Family Rhythms Birthday eGuide

Whole Family Birthdays

A mini eBook to help you create a simply magical and connected birthday tradition in your home.

What they're saying...

Whole Family Rhythms is chockful of ideas for parents and caregivers of young children to create much-needed flow, comfort, joy, and meaning within the rhythms of daily life. Meagan offers invaluable guidance and mentorship. Her website and offerings are an inspiration!

Shea Darian


Although they are inspired by Waldorf philosophy and education they also borrow concepts from Montessori, the Forest School Movement, Unschooling, Reggio Emilia and other alternative education concepts. 

The seasons and festivals are flipped depending on which hemisphere you live in. For example, Easter activities can be found in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn Guide and in the Northern Hemisphere Spring Guide, while Christmas activities are found in the Southern Hemisphere Summer Guide and in the Northern Hemisphere Winter Guide. Some of the crafts and stories are also slightly different in order to suit the hemisphere you live in.

I encourage you to look at your own lives, schedules and activities and to personalize your Daily Rhythm accordingly. Perhaps you want to begin with spending only one or two days a week working on a focused activity like watercolour painting or beeswax modeling.

The Daily Rhythm is not set in stone, with every Guide, you will receive an editable PDF version of the Daily Rhythm so that can do you own editing and planning. You can spread the activities out over a longer period of time, do the crafts or baking on the weekend with the entire family or skip over parts of the rhythm to entirely to suit your needs. The timing of activities is also flexible. I have tried to keep school pick-up times in mind as well as older children in the home, but perhaps you have a younger infant and naptimes are the perfect opportunity for you and your older toddler to share an hour together. Every family will have a slightly different rhythm that works for them.

The Guides are ideally for children ages 2-6 but younger and older siblings have used them with joy too! You can also click here to view a sample week from each of the four Seasonal Guides.

The guides are now only available as a digital download. Get yours here.