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Your values shape every aspect of your home and family life.

Hi, I'm Meagan!


I'm an author, parent coach, a Waldorf educator and a mother to four beautiful children. My core values are health, family, abundance and impact.

What are yours?

Our deepest rooted whys influence every parenting and family decision we make.

I help busy parents clarify their values and craft routines, rhythms and rituals that help everyone in the family thrive.

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The Sunday Pause

Weekly planning is an essential part of homekeeping and family management. I’ll send you various planning resources, inspiring links, printables, and seasonal content every Sunday morning. Sit down with your parenting partner, a cup of coffee and open up your calendars. Let's plan the week ahead together!

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Imagine a home life that models equity, warmth and clear communication.

If you feel like you're carrying the world on your shoulders with no room left over for yourself, I'm here to tell you: it doesn't have to be this way.

You can meet your family's needs and reclaim your time to make space for your deepest desires, passions and goals.

My most popular courses Creating a Digital Family Calendar and Digital Note Taking for the Organized Home help you to set up practical and essential scheduling systems to relieve the mental load and keep everyone in your family on the same page.

Podcast and Journal 


Join me and my amazing guests on Rhythm, Routine and Reverence, a podcast that inspires parents and caregivers to craft and create a nourishing and nurturing home that supports the entire family.

Or if you feel like reading, catch up on the latest seasonal article in the Family Rhythms Journal.

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