Preparing Your Kitchen for the Summer Season

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As the summer season approaches, it’s the perfect time to get your kitchen ready for the abundance of fresh and tasty meals and outdoor gatherings that lie ahead. To make the most of this vibrant and delicious season, here are some essential tips to ensure your kitchen is fully equipped and primed for the summer adventures awaiting you. Let’s dive into the preparations that will make your kitchen a hub of culinary delight during the upcoming summer months.


Organize Seasonal Appliances

To begin, take inventory of your seasonal appliances, including ice cream makers, blenders for smoothies, and popsicle molds. Make sure they are in good working condition and equipped with all the necessary accessories. Moreover, arrange them in a conveniently accessible spot within your kitchen. By doing so, you’ll be fully prepared to create delightful and refreshing treats whenever the mood strikes.


Gather Your Supplies

Before the summer heat sets in, gather all the essential supplies you’ll need for your culinary adventures. This includes items like colourful plates and bowls for outdoor dining, reusable water bottles for hydration on the go, and lightweight picnic blankets for impromptu picnics in the park. Having these supplies on hand will make summer cooking and dining a breeze.


Deep Clean and Declutter

Give your kitchen a fresh start by deep cleaning and decluttering. Clear out expired or unused items from your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets. Wipe down surfaces, sanitize utensils, and scrub appliances. A clean, clutter-free kitchen looks inviting and ensures a safe and hygienic cooking environment. If you didn’t get around to deep cleaning your BBQ at the end of the previous summer, now is the time to do it!


Stock Up on Seasonal Foods

Make a list of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are abundant during summer. Visit your local farmer’s market or grocery store to stock up on these fresh and vibrant ingredients. Incorporate them into your recipes to add a burst of flavour and nutritional punch to your summer meals. The options are endless, from juicy watermelons and ripe berries to crisp cucumbers and fragrant basil.


Clean the BBQ

To give your kitchen a revitalizing makeover, it’s time for a deep clean and decluttering session. Begin by clearing out any expired or unused items from your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets. Next, wipe down all surfaces, sanitize utensils, and scrub appliances to ensure a pristine and hygienic cooking environment. As you embark on this kitchen transformation, don’t forget to extend the cleaning to your BBQ as well. If you missed the opportunity to deep clean it at the end of the previous summer, now is the perfect time to tackle this task and start the season with a sparkling clean outdoor cooking area.


Get Ready for Canning

During summer, you can preserve a bounty of fresh produce through canning. Whether you’re a seasoned canner or a beginner, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as canning jars, lids, and a large stockpot. Research your favorite jam, pickles, or sauce recipes and prepare to capture the flavors of summer in delightful jars that you can enjoy throughout the year.


You can transform your kitchen into a summer haven with just a little foresight and preparation. For more inspiration, check out my post,  “Seasonal Mealtime Planning,” for ideas and inspiration on creating balanced and flavorful meals throughout the summer season.




Meagan Wilson is a parent educator and author of the now-retired seasonal series of Whole Family Rhythms. After finishing a BA, she went on to complete her Foundations in Steiner Education and Anthroposophy at Sydney Steiner College, as well as her Waldorf Early Childhood Certification at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. She has received her certification as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and has supported hundreds of parents to create a strong family rhythm unique to their own values and culture. She has four young children. Meagan provides resources, support and information to parents who are looking for a bridge to cross between their unique family life and their children’s (often but not always) Waldorf schools.

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