The Importance of Warmth in Early Childhood


At birth, a child leaves the warm watery world of the womb and enters the earthly world.  They meet the realities of life.  We provide them with everything they need for the growth of their physical, emotional, and social development which will continue well into early adulthood.  Warmth is a key to supporting a healthy life.  

Warmth is the essential ingredient for the development of a child and continues to be essential for all of life.  The most obvious place we see warmth is in the warming of the physical body, yet it is only one of the aspects of warmth.  There is also emotional warmth, the warmth of love, generosity and true morality.  Warmth weaves itself throughout human experiences and without warmth, we cannot change or transform.  

All aspects of warmth wove throughout my childhood on the shores of Lake Superior and then Muskoka.  It provided me with endless opportunities for growth and discovery in the world of nature.  My brothers and I spent our childhood outside from the beginning of our lives. We loved being in the natural world and our parents had deep respect and relationship with the natural world.  In these northern locations, there were four distinct seasons throughout the year and our clothing changed to meet the seasonal forces of nature.  Nothing deterred us from being outside!  We had snowmobile suits, big wool sweaters, hats, mitts and boots lined with wool felt liners in the winter to keep the snow and cold on the outside.  Blue hoodies tied tight in the spring would keep the blackflies at bay.  We ran barefoot all summer long; a part of our daily routine was scrubbing the pitch off our feet before bed!  

How fortunate I am to have a childhood in such magical natural spaces and to have been surrounded by warmth on all levels, physical, love and generosity of heart by my parents.  All aspects of warmth wove through my growing up and well into my adult life.  It was experienced, not taught.  This experience became a way of life for me as a parent and wove itself into my work with young children and with adults.  I can give warmth because I was given warmth from birth onwards.  I can now observe that my own children have grown the capacity for living and giving warmth in their lives.  Warmth is a gift that keeps on giving.

If warmth is the key to healthy development, how do we know when there is enough warmth?  Once upon a time, we had a kind of intuition about warmth.   In our time it is our task to learn about and understand what creates warmth, what maintains warmth and what keeps us warm enough to be actively participating inside and out.  

When it comes to physical warmth, science has researched nature and imitated it to make clothing that is “like” wool or cotton but more durable and long-lasting.  The focus of science has not been to maintain warmth.  We create clothing from three main sources, animal fibres, plant fibres and minerals.  All fibres have their place creating clothing we need to be comfortable inside and out.  If you are seeking warmth, wool is ideal.

When a child is born the sense of warmth is undeveloped and grows over years through care and experience of feeling warmth, over being warm. Parents and caregivers provide the warmth that is required.  How do you know when is a child warm enough?  A good indication of being warm enough is when little hands and feet are as warm as the heart.  Warming the core of the body allows the heat to flow outwards to those extremities.  On average it takes between nine and twelve years to develop a sense of warmth.  If we are able to care for the development of warmth until around this age, the child can then begin to know when they need more or less clothing to maintain a healthy sense of warmth.  They will carry this inner wisdom forward into their entire lives. 

Years later as a parent and then as a kindergarten teacher my understanding and respect for warmth and the importance of connecting to nature grew more conscious.  Out of that wisdom Warmth and Weather Inc. was birthed.   

Heather Church, Warmth and Weather Co-Founder
Warm and Dry Naturally

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