#wholefamilysundays 4/14

Every Sunday morning I share with you my personally curated list of inspiration to nourish you for the week to come. 

Connecting with the Earth
This month in the Journal, Kobi Caterer shares her thoughts on Modelling Sustainable Choices for our Young Children. If you’re looking for zero-waste lunchboxes, straws or other green cleaning products here are some of my favourites. The theme this month in Whole Family Collective is “Striving for Sustainability in Family Life” and it’s not too late to join us – we’d love to learn and strive alongside you. Finally, I am currently enjoying Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants – it’s filled with timeless feminine wisdom.

Mindful Caregiving
Willow Westwood of Brooklyn Morning Garden shared with us a Journal post on Mindful Potty Training which goes through simple, supportive and mindful caregiving steps for all ages who are embarking on this journey. I also spoke for a few minutes this week on Instagram about toddlers & table manners. If you’re in the “throwing food” stage, this one’s for you.

Paying Soft Attention
“Soft Attention” is an ancient skill ready for modern application. It is a powerful option for people old and young to boost focus in a distracted world. David from How to Story recently offered parents three live interactive videos discussing attention spans and how to use this new skill. 

Springtime Festivals

Our own family will be celebrating Easter at the end of April in our very unique and seasonally inspired way. We have already planted our Easter grass and I am planning a wooden egg hunt with some small chocolate surprises to be found at the end of the hunt. To read how other families in our community come together to celebrate and mark the change of season be sure to read our community posts on Nowruz as well as Passover.

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Thank you so much for being a meaningful part of this community of parents and carers. 

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Wishing you and yours a blessed week filled with Springtime surprises.

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