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Preparing for Spring

This week our family ordered a FlowHive – we’ll embark on a beekeeping journey this summer for the first time and we are so excited about it. I’ve mentioned before that when we started family gardening we lived in an apartment with a small planked porch. We grew many herbs there that we harvested year round. We also ordered seeds and brought some of our saved seeds out to start organizing. Here are a few of our favourite gardening resources.


Raising Consciously Critical Children

The past few weeks @theconsciouskid has been airing an important and informative discussion on “kids and race” using #disruptingracismwithkids. You can head to their account to read through the series. It is for everyone: parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers, aunts and uncles! In June we will diving deeply into this topic in the Collective with guest expert Ashley May if you’d like to explore this topic further.


Being Gentle with Ourselves

Robin K from @twenyventi shared a vulnerable and raw post about motherhood and the bitter realisation that we can’t always be the mother that we want to be and reminded me of a post I wrote a while back called, “Why I’m Letting Go of Self-Care”.  She is real and honest in this post which is something I appreciate more and more in social media these days. Her wise words left me inspired. The comments are also testament to what a strong community of mothers we are.


Storytelling This Week

I told one of our favourite and simple stories from the Spring Guide this week with needlefelted bees. This is especially loved because it rhymes and the children can “play it” again and again with the little bee puppets when you’ve finished. You can find the tutorial to make them here as well as any crafting supplies you’ll need here. I even have a video of me telling the same story last year to my little ones in IGTV as well as some other bee related fingerplays and stories from the Autumn Guide here.

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