Spring Fingerplays


Spring is in the air

At last the seasonal crown has passed from winter to spring and Lady Spring has been softly sweeping her presence over the sea, up and down the coastlines, and across the meadows and valleys, up to the tips of each mountaintop.

With her arrival we celebrate the coming together of earthly cosmic forces and we notice new growth and new creatures joining us in the garden, silver snails and their moonbeam trails, or sliff slaff sliberslacks as they’re called in our household, baby ducklings, and butterflies, native blossoms, sunflowers in bloom and a bounty of birdsong in abundance.

Renewal and Birth

All the seeds that were sown and planted after harvest time that have persisted through winter are announcing themselves gently,. Spring celebrates the renewal of the earth, new life and all of the hope and joy that it brings.

One way, in which we anticipate the returning warming of spring in the Australia, where we live, is by noticing the migration of the humpback whales up and down the east coast, making their long journey from the icy southern waters to the warmer waters where the mama whales give birth to their calves.

Welcoming a New, Sunnier Warmth

As spring clears the cooler winter air that Jack Frost stowed upon us, the memory of winter recedes, and we look forward to warmer, sunnier days. Our thoughts often turn to the outdoors, rejoicing and bathing in the warmer glow that spring brings, sandy feet, mulberry stains, whale watching, dandelion crown making, honey collecting, butterfly catching, silkworm finding, bike riding, birds nest spotting, egg dying and mountain hiking.

Spring Fingerplay

Alongside our children we are now experiencing the wonder of this season and in welcoming the festivities of spring and all that it brings I’d like to share with you these lovely springtime fingerplays.

This is also wonderful when brought as part of a larger spring circle, and can also be helpful for children during transitional times, for example moving from inside playtime to outside playtime. We also often do fingerplays before or after our story time together.

So in light of welcoming the treasures that Lady Spring brings, bask in some sunshine, look out for those whales or returning birds, collect some blooms, listen for the buzzing bees, spend some time out in nature and clear your body and mind.

We’d love to hear from you too if you have any favourite Spring Fingerplays? Please share in the comments below.

Click here for download the Spring Fingerplay PDF

Kobi is a trained Waldorf grades and early childhood teacher and has taught in both NYC and various parts of Australia for over a decade. She is currently on leave to be present at home with her two daughters and partner who is also a Waldorf teacher on the East Coast of Australia. She is the Community and Content Manager for Meagan at Whole Family Rhythms and is a regularly featured contributor for the Journal.

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