Fingerplays for Autumn


Autumn, A Time for Slowing Down

Each time autumn circles around again in her array of golden tones, we experience her unique revelation and her creative beauty through nature. She is the seasonal choreographer of the coloured leaves, rustled and blown about by gale and rain. She is the enveloping mists in the morning that will too soon be visited by Jack Frost.

Squirrels are busy gathering nuts to store for the months ahead, bunnies nestle down quietly in their burrows, pumpkin seeds are ready to be roasted and the wild geese seek out warmer skies.

A Time for Warmth

Under Autumn’s direction we prepare for the coolness of winter, we share the process of gathering warmth and sustaining substances within our bodies and homes. We watch the trees and plants shedding all of their growth from spring and summer, all of which they don’t wish to carry any longer. Autumn is a welcomed change as we embrace her cool, earthy and colourful gracefulness.

The forces of light and nature are fading now but the light within us is gaining strength. Autumn is a time for willful work with nature’s bounty in need of harvesting and firewood needing to be collected to keep fires burning brightly.

A Time for Turning Inwards

We now walk with crowns of sunbeams upon our heads, newly captured from the dreamy heights of summer, and as we begin to turn inwards a firefly spark now becomes a fire fairy spark on the hearth. As autumn clears the warmer haze of summer in which we and all creatures dreamed, we now bask in the morning and afternoon light, and at night the presence of the stars.

Autumn and Harvest Fingerplay

Alongside our children we are now experiencing the wonder of this season and in welcoming the festivities of fall and all that it brings I’d like to share with you some lovely autumnal harvest fingerplays.

These are also wonderful when brought as part of a larger autumn circle, and can be helpful for children during transition times, for example moving from inside playtime to outside playtime. We also often do fingerplays before or after our storytime together.

In light of inviting autumn in: breathe in, eat up, harvest and create, be strong in body and mind.

Do you celebrate and recognize the change of the season from the warmer months to the cooler months in your home? We’d love to hear from you, and if you too have any favourite Autumn fingerplays? Please share them in the comments below.

Kobi is a trained Waldorf grades and early childhood teacher and has taught in both NYC and various parts of Australia for over a decade. She is currently on leave to be present at home with her two daughters and partner who is also a Waldorf teacher on the East Coast of Australia. She is the Community and Content Manager for Meagan at Whole Family Rhythms and is a regularly featured contributor for the Journal.

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