Creating Magical and Meaningful Birthday Traditions


We recently celebrated our third child’s fourth year around the sun. It was a simple day, as usual I opted for no birthday party (although I know when she finally has one it will be extra magical for her) and instead we spent the day with family giving gifts, playing and cooking food together.

Over the years I’ve had many questions about our own family’s birthday traditions- how we celebrate, what we do and what we avoid.

One of the Birthday verse we use is a classic Waldorf one.

If you choose, you can replace “magic” and “bird” with “Angel” or “God”

In the sky shines a golden star, and magic brought you from afar,
from the skies down unto the earth, you came down to your place of birth.
Birthday choirs are singing, birthday bells are ringing!
Dear —‘s turning X today: Happy, happy birthday!
And from the golden sky, a birthday bird is flying by
Bringing wishes and kisses and many a cheer to out —, our birthday child dear. 

Wishing you and yours magical and wonder filled birthday celebrations together.

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