Creating a Waldorf Inspired Summer Rhythm


It’s summer- time to get create a supportive and steady family summer rhythm! Summer is a time of outer expansion, playfulness and bursting energy. It contains the gesture of bursting forth with renewed purpose, excitement and vigour. Each season our activities, celebrations and daily rhythm can reflect these seasonal archetypal qualities. I have created a PDF  ‘Summer Vision Board’ (see link below) to inspire a joyful Summer Rhythm that is unique to your family.

Within the quarters you can include:

  •  holidays you would like to celebrate
  • crafts, recipes or project ideas your would like to create
  • activities you want to do as a family together
  • chores or cleaning you would like to do
  • ideas for inner work, charity work or other service you would like to participate in

Some ideas to help you get started creating a Summer Rhythm:


  • canadian national aboriginal day
  • canada or independence day
  • summer solstice
  • (christmas, the new year and valentine’s in the southern hemisphere)


  • make ice chalk and paint the driveway
  • grow zucchini or tomatoes in pots or containers
  • make sandcastles in your sandbox or at the beach
  • make juicy popsicles decorated with edible flowers or fresh herbs


  • have a family picnic at a local park or conservation area
  • pick-up litter in your local neighbourhood park
  • throw a garage sale and/or have a lemonade stand and donate some/all proceed to charity
  • create a family read-aloud night once a week and read an entire chapter series throughout the summer


  • collect seashells
  • make flower crowns
  • go berry-picking
  • swim!

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