Creating a Waldorf-Inspired Spring Rhythm


Spring is a time of emergence, rebirth, renewed hope and growing warmth. It contains the gesture of opening up like a bud blossoming into a flower. Each season our activities, celebrations and daily rhythm can reflect these seasonal archetypal qualities. I have created a PDF  ‘Spring Vision Board’ (see link below) to inspire a joyful Springtime Rhythm that is unique to your family.

Within the quarters you can include:

  • holidays you would like to celebrate
  • crafts, recipes or project ideas your would like to create
  • activities you want to do as a family together
  • chores or cleaning you would like to do
  • ideas for inner work, charity work or other service you would like to participate in

Here are some examples to get you started:


  • ostara
  • easter
  • st.patrick’s day
  • mother’s day
  • may day
  • earth day
  • passover


  • make natural easter egg dyes together
  • plant springtime grass
  • organise a community maypole celebration
  • bake some homemade matzoh
  • plan a children’s garden


  • spring clean the basement or attic
  • re-organise the cupboards
  • categorise children’s books by season, create a Spring book basket or shelf
  • set out a springtime nature table
  • do a flower meditation once a week (for Mama)
  • go for a neighbourhood walk and help to pick up garbage
  • bring tulips or daffodils to a teacher, friend or neighbour


  • go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • make a mud kitchen in the yard
  • make a flower crown
  • read a story about passover
  • leave out yarn or wool scraps for the birds to incorporate into their nests

If you would like more resources to help you create a magical Spring filled with joy, calm, creativity and rhythm head to the website for a totally finished-for-you, seasonal, weekly and daily home rhythm: Whole Family Rhythms Spring Guide.

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