Spring : My Teachers

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This post was originally published at This Whole Family in February 2014.


When days are long and my patience is thin I try to remind myself, “Remember they chose you to be their Mum. You are everything they need right now.”

And that, just as importantly, “I chose them and they are everything I need right now.”

In amongst meals, nappies, carpooling and lessons I sometimes lose sight of the fact that I need my children as much as they need me. That they teach me as much as (or more than) I teach them. Each and every day my personalised lesson unfold and are presented to me in colourful, unique and often challenging ways.

Need a dose of patience, Mama?
I ‘ve just created a crayon masterpiece on this wall.

Need to work on forgiveness and letting go, Mama?
Watch me punch my big brother and then three minutes later we’ll both forget the whole thing and bounce joyfully together on the trampoline laughing and giggling.

Need to work on presence, Mama?
Watch us so intensely focused on our play that we lose all sense of time and place.

Need some positive inspiration, Mama?
Watch me start all over again on the block castle I so meticulously built after my baby sister has just knocked it down.

Think you can predict the future and control it?
Think again. Today I will wake up from my nap an hour earlier than usual!

I lead my children through our days so that they may become the people they were destined to be. And they guide me through mine so that I may become who I am destined to be.

Hand in hand we are on this journey together with joyful hearts and in gratitude for our abundance of blessings.

Meagan Wilson is a parent educator and author of the now-retired seasonal series of Whole Family Rhythms. After finishing a BA, she went on to complete her Foundations in Steiner Education and Anthroposophy at Sydney Steiner College, as well as her Waldorf Early Childhood Certification at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. She has received her certification as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and has supported hundreds of parents to create a strong family rhythm unique to their own values and culture. She has four young children. Meagan provides resources, support and information to parents who are looking for a bridge to cross between their unique family life and their children’s (often but not always) Waldorf schools.

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