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Let's replace overwhelm with  rhythm, routine + ritual.

Hi, I’m Meagan. I live on a small hobby farm; I’m a parent coach, a Waldorf educator and a mother to four beautiful children. Of all the roles I play, the one as Homekeeper is dearest to my heart.

I'll help you create a home life that supports each family member: head, heart and hands.

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Sacred Sundays

Weekly planning is an essential part of homekeeping and family management. Every Sunday I’ll send you a variety of planning resources, inspiring links, printables and seasonal content. Make yourself a cup of hot tea with honey, sit down with your parenting partner and open up your digital calendars.

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Imagine a home life built upon your core values

What do you see?

I see warmth, love and connection. I see fair delegation of jobs and chores and the consideration and balance of everyone’s needs.

I see presence and joy. I see individuals inspired by their faith and with a sense of belonging.

Lists, schedules and systems are essential, but they should be rooted in meaning and manifested in beauty.

My upcoming course, Digital Boundaries for the Holistic Home, teaches caregivers to create conscious tech boundaries for the children in their care and themselves.

Podcast and Journal 

Join me and my guests on Rhythm, Routine and Reverence a podcast that inspires parents and caregivers to craft and create a nourishing and nurturing home that supports the entire family: head, heart and hands.

Or catch up on the latest seasonal article in the Family Rhythms Journal.

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